(General diagram in:

"Quarembam unde malum et non erat exitus" (I looked for the origin of evil and I didn’t find
the solution);
St. Augustine, conf. 7, 11.



        On the screen, there are mountains with waterfalls and snow in the background. In the centre, there are green pastures, trees and wild flowers.

        Music. Five seraphim are playing, running and hiding behind the trees. They meet and they laugh (three girls and two boys).

Belial: (He is walking from afar, approaching them. He arrives, forcing a smile and says): -Good morning, boys.

Seraphim: (They come together, near Belial): -Good Morning, Belial. (They say in unison).

Belial: -While I was approaching, I was watching all of you playing… hiding… and I said to myself: "Aren’t these youngsters having a lot of fun? Look how much they are enjoying nature, listening to a virtual symphony in the background… the sound of the waterfall thundering into a deep ravine… and of the fresh air that touches their faces and bodies… and I started wondering. Do they know how to dance, too?

        Music is lowered.

Seraph 1: -I can’t. (He bows his head).

Seraph 2: -I love dancing, although I can’t either. (Shrugging her shoulders).

Belial: -Do you feel like dancing?

Seraphim: -Yes. (They all answer).

Belial: -Very well then, it’s easy. I’ll show you.

        Belial starts moving his body, dancing, to the beat of a melody which he himself is singing. The seraphim are watching him, elbowing each other smiling, amused by him.

Belial: -Come on! What are you waiting for? You have to dance yourselves. No one can dance for you! (He says loudly). Dance, like this! Dance like blazing fire! Dance like the strong southern wind! Dance like the roaring waterfall.

        Belial can’t stop dancing, all around the green area, spinning around, jumping, uncontrollably, moving his whole body.

Seraphim: -We just can’t. (They watch him admiringly, smiling, spellbound by his show).

        The seraphim start moving their bodies little by little, feeling good about what they are doing, although they feel a little embarrassed.

Belial: -Keep it up! Don’t stop! Soon you’ll be dancing. (He keeps tuning into the melody, and with his strong, deep voice, he keeps saying): Get in feel with your bodies… every part of your bodies… free them to the air… to the green grass… to the shining sun which gives us light… dancing is dreaming on foot!

        The seraphim are dancing, moving their whole bodies, roaring with laughter.

Belial: -Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with air. Can you smell the fresh grass?

Seraphim: -Yes, we sure can. (They are dancing non-stop).

Belial: -Dancing is playing, with no one marking the time. It’s feeling, moving however you want. It’s freedom! Shout out loud!

        The seraphim and Belial, now exhausted, lie down one by one, on the soft green grass, silently contemplating the immense blue sky which is above them.

        Silence, with sounds of a soft breeze and water falling.

Belial: -Can you see how the wind rests on the leaves? The same way you can rest on this green blanket we’re on. You all were able to dance…you are the owners of your own lives, because you’re free.

        The seraphim continue contemplating the sky, listening to Belial’s soft voice, taking in every word he says.

Belial: -What’s this beautiful place called?

Seraph 3: -The Kingdom.

Seraph 4: -I think that from now on, we can call it, "Our paradisiacal kingdom for dancing".

Seraph 2: - I love that name.

Seraphim 1, 3, 5: -Yeah, it’s a Kingdom for dancing.

Belial: -A great name, Kingdom, for dancing or for standing still, for contemplating.

        Silence, with background music.

Belial: -I was thinking…. in this silence… which confuses us at times… the day begins with every sunrise… each lightning bolt lights up every corner of this kingdom, every leaf shines… is lit up… just as when the sun sets... at nightfall… the scenery changes… thousands of twinkling stars appear in the sky along with the moon… we spend all day and all night lit up, shining.

Seraph 1: -Belial, you’re really a poet. You love nature just as much as we do.

Belial: -I propose that tonight, at midnight, we should meet again right here in your Kingdom for dancing. I want us to be able to contemplate the sky again, the deep blue sky with silver stars. And we don’t want to miss the moon which is going to be full tonight, round and magnificent. What do you think?

Seraph 3: -We really appreciate your interesting invitation, but we can’t. In fact, it’s getting very late. We had some time to play, but we must get back.

Seraph 1: -I would like to go out tonight, and to contemplate nature’s invitation and to dance under the stars.

Seraph 3: -But it’s impossible. We can’t.

Belial: -Nothing is impossible. When you want something bad enough, everything is possible.

Seraph 2: -What Belial is saying is true. Nothing is impossible.

Seraph 4: -But we can’t. Remember, first we have to ask the princes for permission.

Seraph 5: -In fact, we have to go back right now. Some of us have to serve breakfast tomorrow, in the Principality.

Belial: -As long as you have a good reason for going out at night, no one can stop you. You aren’t children any more.

Seraph 3: -I’m not so sure if it’s a good reason, I mean sky watching from here, when we can do the same thing from our home. You’ll have to excuse me. I won’t come later.

Seraph 2: -The thing is that you’re afraid. I’ll come.

Belial: -Excuse me if I interrupt you, but fear is imaginary. Who are you afraid of?

Seraph 1: -I’ll come, too. I’m not afraid of anything.

Seraph 2: -I think studying nature is a good enough reason. So, when everyone is asleep, we’ll sneak out. That way no one will have to worry about us.

Seraph 1: -I completely agree with you.

Belial: -Sometimes lying is necessary to not cause problems, and it doesn’t hurt anyone. I think and I wonder out loud: Who decides what’s lie and what’s the truth?

Seraph 4: -Let’s think about this a little. Let’s stop and think. Lying? What for? It’s our privilege to be so closely united to Yahweh, and this means no lying.

Belial: -I’m only one who really knows Yahweh, and he is happy knowing that all of you are going to be able to study nature at night. He himself taught me how to know, appreciate and contemplate these wonders. What reason would he have for getting angry? On the contrary, he’d be proud of you for learning something new every day. Yahweh only shows us his kindness. He himself was the one who accepted me to guide you through this learning adventure.

Seraph 2: -You really know Yahweh? Have you ever seen him?

Belial: -Yahweh means "I am who I am… He who is… I am who I am…" although he’s invisible because no one has been able to see him until now. Not even me.

Seraph 3: -Belial. I’ve got my reasons for not coming… disobeying, lying… lying!! For me these are reasons enough not to come. (He raises his tone of voice).

Belial: -I’m going to say what I think once again: Who decides what is lie and what is the truth? The journey to knowledge, to discovery begins with beautiful things which attract us because of their beauty, and this path begins by watching, by paying attention, in order to incorporate our understanding and to greaten our being and our spirit. I only wish good things for you.


Seraph 5: -I really think that Belial’s right… Don’t we all want to learn more and more about our universe?

Seraph 2: -Who wouldn’t like to study in the principality? Who wouldn’t like to be a prince?

Belial: -In order to be princes, you’ll have to get around the obstacles that get in your way. It all depends on you, I mean, the path you choose. I’m in charge of choosing who gets into the Principality and who doesn’t. You must choose to follow me or to follow Yahweh.

Seraph 3: -I don’t agree. My path is to serve Yahweh and this is the path I choose. (He gets up and walks away).

Belial: -Have you ever wondered where the path in serving Yahweh ends?

Seraph 4: -I don’t agree either. I won’t lie. (She gets up and walks away, exclaiming loudly to Seraph 3): Wait for me! I’m going with you.


Belial: -Poor boys, they’re still young. They’re afraid. How could anyone think that Yahweh, who loves you so much, could get angry and punish you? I would never punish you or get angry at you! How do we know that Yahweh has never lied? He must have told some little white lies at some time.


Seraph 1: -What time are we going to meet tonight? I want to be a prince. This is the path I choose.

Belial: -At midnight, slowly but surely, like the stars.

Seraph 1: -We’ll be here.

        The seraphim get up, wave good-bye to Belial, and walk away, speaking quietly amongst themselves.



        Empty stage, except for white material hanging all around. In the centre, Yahweh is seated with his back to the audience, lit up by a white light which comes from above. On the right and on the left, there are two torches with real fire.

Yahweh: (Raising his hands up to the sky): -Belial, Belial... I created you to be good by nature… I gave you total freedom, my pure spirit. What could I be doing wrong? What are you trying to do, seducing with lies, making the young ones disobey. What’s your reason for promising them something which you know you can’t fulfil?


Yahweh: -You are my favourite creature, you have my spirit. Why are you lying? Why are you lying?



        On the screen, there is an image of the universe. Everything is dark, night time. Individual LED lights begin to appear, twinkling, simulating stars. A circular white light is projected: the moon.

        Seraphim 1, 2 and 5 walk on stage. Belial is sitting in the middle of the stage. They greet each other.

Belial: -Why don’t we lie down?

        The three seraphim lie down in a row on the grass. Belial is between seraphim 1 and 2.

Belial: -The light is coming from above and it is speaking to us!

Seraph 5: -What does it say?

Seraph 1: -Good evening. I’m so happy you’ve all come!

Seraph 2: -That we’ve come to find out the secrets the night holds.

Belial: (Softly): -To discover… to learn… to ask… to read… a painting… a picture. To choose and to know the path to truth, in order to become princes, we have to make sacrifices and to not be Yahweh’s servants, so that in the future others will serve us.

Seraph 5: -To listen to what the light has to say to us… The truth is that the lights in the deep blue sky and Belial will lead us to success.


Belial: -What do you see?

Seraph 1: -The moon accompanied by thousands of stars.

Belial: -Exactly.


Seraph 2: (Referring to Seraphim 3 and 4): -What a shame the others didn’t come. Look what they’re missing.

Belial: -They’ll come another day. I’m sure that when you tell them what you’ve witnessed tonight, you’ll convince them to come. With time, you’ll all see that I have the truth, that I will teach you everything and that I’ll give you powers to do and create everything you could possibly wish for.

Seraph 1: -The thing is they don’t want to disobey Yahweh or lie to him. Do you have any powers?

Belial: -Yes, and I’ll pass them on to you when I can see that you’re sure of yourselves, fearless. Time will tell us the day when you can completely stop serving Yahweh, in order to be yourselves.

Seraph 5: -I’ll make sure that the others come with us another night. They must know that Belial is giving us a once in a lifetime chance to get into the Principality.

Seraph 2: -What’s really going on is that they are in love, and whatever one of them decides, the other does. They do everything together… two by two.

Belial: -And that’s fine…. They’re in love… and they can do whatever they want together. And by the way, I’ll go talk to Yahweh to tell him that you all are going to come and study with me for a few days, to study what you’re so interested in: the universe. That way, you’ll feel better, no disobeying or lying. Let me tell you again... Yahweh and me are equals, with just one difference. I don’t want servants like Yahweh does. I just want you to be yourselves at my side.

Seraph 5: -Let’s get back to our studies…

Belial: -Fine, but remember that Belial loves you and wants you to love each other, to learn, to discover and discover each other… to be better… to be rich in spirit. With your heads held high, with a smile, with extreme seduction, with hidden irony, with singular audacity.


Seraph 1: -Yes, let’s get back to the subject… the stars, the thousands of stars… they’re watching us and we’re watching them.

Belial: (Very loudly): -Congratulations! And now (lowering his voice) I’m going to tell you a secret… Follow me.

        The seraphim and Belial get into their bodies, they get up and stretch.

Belial: -Follow me. The night has another surprise for us.

Seraph 5: -Where are we going?

Belial: -Don’t be so impatient… Wait and see. Let yourself be surprised.

        They stroll slowly… the sound of water gets closer and closer until they reach the water fall. A water fall at night is projected on the screen.

Belial: -Look! What a sight to see! Watch how the water falls into that gorge. Feel the force it falls with and how it pours out and flow non-stop into that deep devouring funnel. Listen to the sound. There’s no such thing as too much pleasure.

Seraph 1: -Where does all that water come from?

Belial: -It’s a mystery and it will stay that way until someone decides to try to figure it out and solves it. We could imagine that all of that water flows into waterways until it reaches the sea. But that’s enough for today. You’d better go back and another day we can meet again. The next time I will grant some powers to some of you... powers which will be yours forever and which no one can take away from you… the power to create a storm… to stop the water in the waterfall… This will be our great secret. What do you think about that?

        The seraphim smile at him entranced, admiring him.

Seraph 1: -Great… I think it’s a wonderful idea. Thank you very much, Belial, for everything you have taught us tonight.

Seraph 5: -That will be great. Thanks a lot. I’ve enjoyed myself tonight more than ever.

Seraph 2: -Belial, you have given us an incredible night…. thank you.

Belial: -You don’t have to thank me for anything. It’s my duty to channel the knowledge of all the creatures in the universe. And it was you all that freely chose to learn. I’ll just go with you on your journey.

        They say goodbye, and go walking in all different directions.



        Early morning. The seraphim are sleeping. Only seraphim 3 and 4 get up. This area is lit up. There are wooden beds with white sheets.


        In the Principality dining room, Seraphim 3 and 4 are having breakfast with Raphael. The sunrise is projected on the screen, as if it were coming through a window.

Seraphim 3 y 4: (They arrive and sit down together at the table): -Good morning, Raphael.

Raphael: -Good morning, boys. How did you sleep?

Seraph 3: -Very good, Raphael.

Seraph 4: -Not me.

Raphael: -Why? What was wrong? You probably had a nightmare or a bad dream.

Seraph 4: -I wish it had just been a bad dream, but it was real! (She exclaims angrily).

Raphael: -What happened to you?

Seraph 4: -Nothing happened to me, but to my friends who are still sleeping, yes.

Raphael: -Okay, enough beating around the bush. Tell me what happened.

Seraph 3: -I’ll explain. Yesterday afternoon, when we were playing, Belial came up to us. He showed us how to dance, and we had lots of fun. We talked about nature. We had a really nice time. Belial asked us if we wanted to meet at midnight so he could teach us how to watch the sky and the stars since last night there was a full moon.

Raphael: -Wait a minute, I don’t understand. What was the problem?

Seraph 4: -The problem began right when he wanted us to lie, to sneak out at night when everyone was sleeping so as not to worry anyone.

Raphael: -I still don’t understand. I mean, I’m trying to understand. Did Belial’s proposal make you angry?

Seraph 3: -We didn’t accept his proposal to lie and disobey, but the other seraphim went to meet him at midnight.

Raphael: -Okay, just calm down. I’m sure those ones who went will tell us all about what they did, and they’ll be very sorry. Thank you for worrying about this, and for confessing. This will be very helpful when I talk to Belial.

        Seraphim 3 and 4 stands up and leave the stage. Raphael, thoughtful, stays seated at the table. Michael arrives and sits down.

Michael: -Good morning, Raphael.

Raphael: -Good morning, Michael.

Michael: -Isn’t it strange that the seraphim haven’t woken up yet?

Raphael: -Two of them have just left to do their chores. They were having breakfast with me. The rest of them are still asleep. Last night something strange happened, Michael. Belial asked them to lie, to disobey and to meet up at midnight with the excuse of teaching them about nature.

Michael: -It seems really strange to me that Belial would ask them to lie and disobey. What would be the point of it?

Raphael: -I don’t know, but we’d better be on our toes.

        Raphael and Michael get up and leave.



        Empty stage, with just a bright white light in centre stage. Yahweh is sitting down, with his back to the audience. Michael is on his right.

Yahweh: -Michael, I’m putting you in charge of watching over Belial. I know all about what he did last night, and I don’t like it at all. I’m sure Belial is going to go further, and I think I know how far he wants to get.

Michael: -Okay, I’ll follow your orders, although I must admit that I’m really taken aback with Belial’s attitude. He’s your favourite, your chosen one.

Yahweh: -Keep your eye on him. Belial is capable of disconcerting us more than you could possibly imagine.




        "They will always be tempted, seduced and induced to disobey, but they will always know that I intervene in all things for the good of all those who love me" (offstage voice).

        On the stage, a large, empty senate. It’s circular and full of black lit up with an orange light.

Cherub 1: -Power, power. This word sounds strong. Its connotation is strong and hard to catch.

Cherub 3: -Power is strength. Power can move mountains or can destroy them by just blowing on them.

Cherub 1: -Yes, but who has got it? (Holding his face between his two hands).

Cherub 4: -Who has got it, you ask? The best one, the only one.

        Belial enters the stage, walking calmly, he picks up a chair and takes it to the table and sits down with the cherubs.

Belial: -Excuse me. I know I haven’t been invited here, but I hope I’m not intruding…. I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and I approached you with that power that we all have to be and do what we want. That’s why we’re sitting here, right? My power and me.


Belial: -Yes, apples of my eyes, yes. Each and every one of us has a responsibility… our own responsibility, but within an established order. But haven’t you ever gone beyond those structural limits? What power does each of us possess?

Cherub 2: -If we had a certain power, Belial, we would have studied in the Principality when we were young. But someone else who has the power is the one who decides who can study and who can’t.

Belial: -Yes and listening to you with your logical explanations, I would just stay seated and tell you that you’re right… but I do challenge your reasoning… and I ask you, can someone spend their whole life running away from himself and letting others decide for him, giving them everything… supporting them… perpetuating those who supposedly made us believe that only they could have all of this? So here is my question: There are certain circumstances when something can change, and when someone can choose for himself… or, and let me insist that we are just sitting here chatting and debating. Who are the ones who have the power?

Cherub 4: -Only the best, the chosen ones have the absolute power.

Belial: -This power which is exerted, which is held by only one, which is supposedly by force? A great voice which rules and a great silence which obeys… This is the power exerted by someone who is invisible, through the voices of others. A motionless voice… quiet… which rules and orders. Do any of you think that you would ever be able to question the invisible voice?

Cherub 3: -Ok, it’s true. The voice is invisible, but it knows and sees. (Loudly, and a little angrily).

Belial: -So then, shall we just stay asleep under this supposed Knowledge and Truth and just believe it?

Cherub 1: -No, no… we will neither sleep nor hide behind the laziness of our destiny, just for believing.

Cherub 2: -This subject is very explicit from one reality. What we know as true is that there is someone in power who calculates, would like us to be, and hopes that we are the way we are and not any other way… For example, nobody has given us a privileged place in the principality. Nor have they given us the ability to ask questions about this. In fact, they haven’t even mentioned it.

Belial: -So then, having this limit imposed on us, don’t you think there’s a question which goes beyond this? What would happen if we renounce this established power and face our own existence? Which of you would be willing to break with this destiny and decide to open a door to the unknown, and here’s the difference, that lies in "power", choice, actions, opening a door silently. Here it’s true, words aren’t necessary. (Giving a hint of a provoking smile).

Cherub 4: -What are you trying to tell us… that there is no absolute power? (Staring at him, unblinking).

Belial: -No, not at all, I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say. The power exists, it is absolute, but absolutely all of ours to have. We are the owners. I am the predecessor of the very best spirits, and I am an example as well. Some people teach us how to fly… and others only teach us how to walk.

Cherub 3: -And how would you explain to us the fact that we weren’t able to get into the principality? Did someone decide that? Does that mean that someone didn’t want us to be the guardians of the universe? Someone who has the power to do this, or is it the One who has total power over everything around us?

Belial: -It’s true that there is someone who decided that you couldn’t have that possibility, but it wasn’t me. Now, let me ask you something. How do you know that this person didn’t make a mistake when they made that decision? How sure are you of the fact that only he possesses the Truth? Who has stipulated that in order to grow in spirit, to get knowledge that you have to study in the principality?


Belial: -There is one true will which leaves us perplexed on our way, but there is another one which has to do with letting our own will be done. If it is your own will to yield and to conform to someone else’s will, well then, great’ Keep it up, like statues, walking in step with everyone else, not in your own. That’s your will.


Cherub 1: -So, what are you proposing?

Belial: -For you to follow me. I will give you all the powers, I will teach you all the secrets you need to receive the absolute power of everything, always putting your own will first and respecting it, while teaching you how to use force if it would be needed.

Cherub 2: -We will have to begin using our own will power, disturbing the Absolute power that has been imposed on us. This will leave us in a void, which will give us a common cause.

Belial: -Exactly, although I think you’ll need to do more than just disturb the Absolute Power, I mean you’ll have to overthrow him, disarm him and bury him. But in order to do that, I will need all of your cooperation, the energetic and mature strength of the cherubs. To triumph, for everyone to triumph and to be free once and for all.

Cherub 3: -You’ve got all of our support and strength. We’ll serve you till the end. That way all of our own individualities can come to light and we will shine, coming out from under someone else’s light, where we just existed in the shade.

Cherub 1: -Shall we wait for your orders?

Belial: -We’ll meet tomorrow night. If we come from the sea, we’ll surprise them.

Cherub 4: -It would be better if all of the cherubim came together for this in order to have more strength.

Belial: -Exactly. You all know what you need to do. I grant you the power to do this.

Cherub 2: -We will do it and I’m sure we’ll succeed.

Belial: -I don’t doubt it, when a cause is true and fair, you always succeed. I’m going to show you how we all have power. This exile of power will show you how there is no real truth, knowledge or absolute power, only spirits that would like to reach as high as Yahweh has.

Cherub 3: -We will become notorious, guided by our own will, and getting out from under this submissiveness, from the invisible voice of Yahweh.

Belial: -We will triumph during the dark night, having glory and freedom at daybreak.

        They shake hands and leave.



        Principality projected on the screen. Seven princes are in a semi-circle with Gabriel.

Gabriel: (Loudly): -Bless my soul Yahweh. Yahweh, oh Almighty One, you are great, surrounded by splendour and majesty… He raises his dwellings on the sea… He makes his carriage from the clouds… and he flies on the wings of the wind.

Prince 4: -The wind is his messenger and flames are his ministers.

Prince 7: -The mountains rose and the valleys lowered … to the place where you Almighty had shown us.

Prince 3: -Our Yahweh makes the springs rise up in the valley, which later flow in the mountains.

Prince 1: -He made the moon in order to measure time… and taught the sun to set.

Prince 5: -If you send your spirit we will recreate ourselves… and that way you can renew the face of the earth.

Prince 2: -Oh how many works you’ve done, oh Yahweh. And how wisely ordered! Your benefits are everywhere.

Prince 6: -If you hide your face, they become troubled, if you take away your spirit, they die and turn to dust.

Gabriel: -Good, boys. And above all, remember that Yahweh is our Creator, He who makes everything exist. Yahweh is eternal… He will never stop "being". The Almighty is always with us, always walking alongside us… even though we can’t see Him.

Prince 2: -Nothing exists which doesn’t owe to the Almighty, our Creator.

Prince 3: -The Spirit of the Truth. His Spirit provokes and supports us.

Gabriel: -Every single day, Yahweh gives us something to feed our spirit… the soul, which grows with his word.

Prince 7: -Through our own voices and actions we transmit to others what Yahweh says to us, exalting and praising His word… and this is how we watch over the Universe.

        Gabriel and the princes begin to get up and leave the stage whispering to each other.



        Dark on the stage, with a faint white light.

Yahweh: (Seated, facing sideways): -Michael, I told you before that Belial might surprise us, more than we could ever imagine.

Michael: -You are worrying me. What’s going on?

Yahweh: -Up until now, Belial has been captivating the seraphim and the cherubim, leading them to transgression, making them doubt my existence and my invisible voice, my knowledge, my truth, my power…

Michael: -That’s impossible. You created him. What does he want?

Yahweh: -Yes, I created him. He was my favourite creature, and although he has strayed away, that doesn’t mean he isn’t my child. Belial, like everything I’ve created depends on me, his Creator, is subject to the laws of creation. But there are laws which regulate the use of freedom and he has gone too far.

Michael: -But, what does he want exactly?

Yahweh: -He wants to overthrow me; he’d like take my place.

Michael: -I would never let that happen! What would you like me to do in your name, oh Almighty?

Yahweh: -I want you to get him out of my sight, to exile him from the heavens… You have my strength to do this.


Michael: -I am truly perplexed by Belial’s attitude. (He stares at a fixed point).

Yahweh: -Bring the seraphim together and speak to them. Explain our cause to them. Also speak to Raphael and Gabriel and the princes. Belial will arrive, trying to surprise you, tomorrow night. Wait for them… form an alliance to secure Goodness.

Michael: -I am here to always serve you. We will form the Alliance of the Good which will defeat Belial and his Dark Alliance.

Yahweh: -I will be near… I will be with you… I am always with you.




        In the principality, Michael calls the seraphim, the princes, Raphael and Gabriel together. While they are together, the music keeps playing. As they arrive they fall into their places.

        All of them are still, looking at Michael.

Michael: -I’ve called you all together to give you a warning, in the name of the Almighty. We have to form an Alliance to secure Goodness above all.

Raphael: -Excuse me for interrupting, but…. what’s going on?

Michael: -Belial has been captivating the seraphim and cherubim with lies…. to get them to disobey the Almighty.

Gabriel: -An Alliance? How does that work? ...

Michael: -Belial wants to overthrow Yahweh. He wants to take his place…

Raphael: -That’s impossible! What should we do?

Michael: -Yahweh has asked me to throw Belial out of the heavens. Belial has risen up against the Almighty one. He’s tried to get what he wants without the Creator.

Seraph 4: -I told the seraphim (looking at the seraphim, speaking loudly and angrily) that Belial was lying to us.

Michael: -Now’s not the time to argue or to debate. Right now we have to get ourselves organized. Belial wants to catch us by surprise tomorrow night.

Gabriel: -And the cherubim…. will they be with him too?

Michael: -Yes, the cherubim will come with Belial. We will be waiting for them in the Principality, in the Kingdom, and if by chance we don’t succeed there, we will go to Earth, to the mountains and we will try to take them to the desert. There, we will fight till the end, defeating Evil.

Raphael: -So, what do we have to do for tomorrow night?

Michael: -I need you to make bows and arrows, blue ones. We’ll wear shields to protect ourselves. The princes will be flying on grey birds, and I will ride my white horse.

Gabriel: -Will we divide into groups?

Michael: -No, we’ll all go together; I’ll be leading you all. I must fulfil the Almighty’s will. I have to throw Belial and his rebellion out of the heavens.


Michael: -The seraphim will use bows and arrows, and the rest of us will use swords.

Prince 3: -We must feed our spirits for this battle, which won’t be an easy one.

Michael: -Yahweh will be with us every step of the way… He will accompany us as he always has.

Seraph 1: -Let’s get to work!

Michael: -No, now is not the time. We have to go and rest… to build up our strength… When the sun sets tomorrow, we will begin our work. And remember, this Alliance only fights for the Good.

        They all begin to leave, walking. The seraphim go out from one side, the princes on the other. Only Michael, Gabriel and Raphael remain on the stage.

        Lights are turned off. There are three chairs left on the stage where Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are seated. All three are quiet and thoughtful.

Michael: -Are you imagining the same thing that I am imagining? This is something we’ve never seen before. Belial is more intelligent than we are. He has seduced almost a third of the universe. He’s in charge of all creatures, and up until now we’ve had to obey him. This is not going to be an easy battle. May the spirit be with you.

Raphael: -No, it won’t be easy at all. And we will certainly lose a lot of young, healthy, beautiful spirits. May the spirit be with you.

Gabriel: -And couldn’t we think of any other way to defeat the Evil? May the spirit be with you.


Yahweh: (With a soft but sure voice): -I wish there is another way… I haven’t been able to think of anything else for the last three days, but I can’t think of any other way. It’s painful, and it will be even more painful when it’s over. We have to defeat the Evil, and this will be no easy battle. But it’s the only path we can follow. You, my three Servants, my three guardians of the universe, you will be able do this. I am with you (offstage voice).



        "The Black Alliance is going non-stop, not letting up nor resting. A fight like no other before, full of blood and pain, without spirit, taking pleasure in destruction to reach their goal" (offstage voice).

        The battle continues… The Evil Alliance winning once again.

Belial: (Screaming): -We’re almost there!

Cherub 3: (Screaming): -Belial, the truth is with you, it’s your voice. What a great spirit you have!

        The scene is heartbreaking. The Kingdom is being consumed by fire. Belial is laughing victoriously, leaving endless bodies around him, anxious to win and to achieve the triumph he so wished for.

        Left behind is that Kingdom for dancing… and with it the starry nights with the moon… Today, smoke blocks our view and covers the starry sky. Today, one can stand motionless and perplexed, in seeing the death and pain of the devastated Kingdom.

        The princes bring the surviving seraphim to the Earth, the only safe shelter. Michael appears and tells them again to retreat to the Earth.

        The surviving seraphim descend to Earth, they move around, and run (leaving the stage), leaving behind their dead.

Michael: (In an agitated voice): -Remember the Lord is with us, and we are not going to give up! This Alliance will triumph over Evil; let me assure you, our spirit has got its full strength.



        "Because the mountains will shift and the hills will move, but my love will not leave your side" (offstage voice).

        On the stage, the night is dense and dark.

        Everyone in the Principality is hidden, waiting for the arrival of the Black Alliance.

        Belial and the cherubim arrive secretly, hoping to surprise them without warning, and to achieve their victory. They begin to throw balls of fire at the Principality.

        The Good Alliance retorts immediately, counterattacking their enemies.

        The battle has begun, and everyone is fighting fiercely. While this scene is taking place, screams can be heard from both sides (everyone on stage: the cherubim and Belial, the three Servants and the princes).

Belial: (Shouting): -This can’t be possible! They were waiting for us!

Michael: (Shouting): -There is a voice which is stronger than yours, Belial, Yahweh’s voice, the Creator’s voice.

Belial: (Shouting): -By the end of the day, there will be no other voice but mine… Today, I will return to my place!

Michael: (Shouting): -Today you will fall with your own voice, Belial. You will never be able to return to a place where you have never been. Only Yahweh is Love and Truth!

Belial: (Shouting): -It will be an unforgettable day… a dark night… when I will replace Yahweh forever… I have the power to do so!!

        As soon as he says "I have the power to do so", he turns into a dragon. His grey suit turns black; his face becomes pale and aged. The same thing happens to the cherubim, who become disfigured as they are aging and their tunics turning black. The Principality is totally destroyed, burnt. The Black alliance wins its second wager against Good.

        On the stage everything is full of smoke. There are very faint orange lights and a lot of dead princes lying on the floor.

        Darkness and silence.

Belial: (Shouting): -This is just the beginning. We have won. We will keep fighting till the end.



        "And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven" (offstage voice).

        In the mountains, Michael appears on his white horse with his double edged sword, white and bloody, carrying his shield; the princes are on their grey birds with their double edged blue swords; the seraphim are on foot with their blue daggers.


        In the sea Belial appears with his seven tipped sword, with a golden crown on top of his black hood, He has now changed into a black dragon. The old and disfigured cherubim, wearing black tunics, are getting off of a wooden canoe. They have their black tipped swords, and they are carrying cannons which shoot balls of fire. There are wild black dogs with them which are possessed by Evil.


        In the desert everything is calm, empty, waiting for the final battle to take place.

        Darkness. A faint orange light turns on.

Belial: (Appearing out of a great wave moving from the sea, now changed into a black dragon, spitting fire and devouring destruction. He shouts): -We will defeat Yahweh!

Cherubim: (One by one they start appearing with Belial, echoing his cries in response to Yahweh): -Yes Belial, our great lord. We will win in your name.

Belial: (Shouting): -The only one left to destroy is Yahweh. We have defeated the Principality; we have defeated the Kingdom…

        A white light goes on, illuminating Michael on the mountain. He is waiting for them on his horse.

Michael: (Shouting): -You will never be able to defeat your Creator!

        A faint orange light turns on.

Belial: (He keeps shouting at the cherubim): -We must destroy them! I want to see how they fall one by one. Use all of your strength. I don’t want to see even one of Yahweh’s followers remaining at the end. We won’t stop until we reach him. We must make him disappear. We will fight until the end!

Cherubim: -Until we achieve our great triumph, for our freedom!

        Darkness, mixed with a faint orange light and a faint white light.

        The battle between the Good and Evil Alliances has begun. Screams are heard from both Alliances, mixed together: No! Over here! Keep going! Oh! Watch out! Look behind you! Wild dogs are barking. Both faint lights shine in unison, orange and white.

        Many dead seraphim can be seen, killed by the cherubim’ swords... Many seraphim have been devoured by the black possessed dogs. (On stage, we can see how they fall down to the floor)… Many dead cherubim can be seen, too, trapped by the seraphim’ arrows... Many of the possessed dogs have the seraphim’ daggers through them, too...

        Michael and Belial are fighting up front at the battle line. The princes are behind them with their swords, and although they are getting wounded, they are able to kill several cherubim. Michael is able to stop the dragon’s fire spitting with his shield. At the same time the dragon is destroying and disintegrating the princes who are fighting around him with his tail.

Belial: (With a sarcastic laugh and shouting): -Don’t stop now! Our united strength is defeating Yahweh. At daybreak, the power will be ours forever!

Michael: (Shouting): -The battle’s not over yet, you horrible viper! Your strength can falter, disappear… and if not, well, you’ll see!

        They are fighting, their bodies intertwining. The dragon is spitting fire. Michael protects himself with his shield. Their swords clash and their strength… Good versus Evil.

Michael: (Screaming with all his heart): -All together now!! WHO IS LIKE GOD!!

        When he screams "Who is like God" Michael is able to take off Belial’s golden crown, cut off his dragon tail and destroy his sword.

        In the desert, the Good Alliance triumphs at last. Following Yahweh’s orders, Belial is thrown into the deep gorge, his secret hiding place, where the force of the water will carry him, through its waterways to the World. His words became action; it will be he himself who will reveal the depth of that gorge.

        In a heartbreaking silence, in the desert, the survivors help each other.

        "The great dragon was hurled down, that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the Earth and his angels with him" (offstage voice).



Yahweh: -Bless you all, all of you Good spirits… I have been with you all along, and I am waiting for you now. Come back… The battle of the heavens is over. Now is the time for salvation, and for the power and for the Kingdom of our God. But, woe the world and the sea because the devil descended with you, thrown out of heaven, and he’s full of wrath, and he knows that he doesn’t have much time left.



        Around the Temple, gardens are being built to take in the survivors of Good. On the screen appears the outside of the holy temple of Jerusalem. In the background, 7 princes are playing the trumpet.


        One of the princes of the Temple is building gardens with white pillars, stained with blood. Others are preparing palm branches to welcome the survivors for the victory they achieved.

        In heaven, the morning brightness breathes, beautifies. There is a feeling of peace and tranquillity of being with the Creator. It is a sight never seen before, the holiness of Heaven. In the Temple, the Holy One’s image is still intact, in the deepest place inside, in the centre of the universe.


        The survivors arrive: overwhelmed, without strength, most of them wounded. Their white tunics are all bloody or their clothes are completely destroyed. They are called together by the guardians of Heaven, who wash their wounds, and feed them and help them drink. Some of them sit down; others lie down in the garden. All of them still breathe, smell and feel the pain in the bodies. Their spirit overflows with the greatness of having glorified the Holy one, of good having triumphed over Evil.

Yahweh: -Good Spirits, I would like to let you know that I am very proud of you. In Heaven, the battle is over! Good overcame Evil. But be careful. Evil has been thrown to the world. It has been exiled, but it keeps its whole being and fury. I’m sure it will secretly prepare a spiritual world for Evil. I am Yahweh! I will neither give my glory to others, nor my honour to Evil. The first battle has been unleashed, and what is good has triumphed. Now, I am announcing to you new events to come, and I will let you know about them (offstage voice).


Yahweh: -I will pour pure water over you, which will purify all of you; I have to purify you from everything. I will give you a new heart, a new spirit. I will create something new, something which has already begun to grow. Can’t you see it? And I will put my spirit in it, a spirit with advice and wisdom, a spirit with science and piety, a spirit with fortitude and fear. It will instil in you the fear of the Lord… It will be my own Son, the Son of the Almighty, and he will learn how to obey. His name will be the Counsellor’s Wonder, Eternal King and Prince of Peace (offstage voice).